Art Work

Photography is my first love. My godfather gave me my first camera when I was four years old, ever scince I’m addicted. I specialise in food, people and urban landscapes. If you like my work and would like to collaborate please contact me. Selected work can be bought at Saatchi Art. A selection of art work can be viewed here, further portfolios on flickr.


SHAPES Valencia draws an approach of mastering overhelming chaos by honesty and concentrated focusing. Breaking down, selecting and examing only little fragments of the current state of mind. Studying the light of life gradually and with patience. Carefully putting the pieces together, gaining an overview and closing up to the desired future tracks.

Interpretations of the [V] – I. letter, II. number, III. victory, IV. peace, friend, V. to see, VI. to look, VII. vagina, VIII. I am watching you, IX. iron sights, X. air quotes, XI. flicking the V.


A free work about food. Personal stills and interpretations. Food portraits. A complete three course christmas dinner originally posted as a digital advent calendar. Editioned prints can be bought at Saatchi Art.


2017/2018: Group exhibition “Dr. Sketchy’s – 11” – Ballhaus Berlin, Germany.
2013/2014: Group exhibition “AC11” at galeria9, Valencia, Spain.
2013: Group exhibition “Floor show” at the Druckwerkstatt Kulturwerk bbk Berlin, Germany.
2012/2013: Group exhibition “Dr. Sketchy’s – Exhibition” at KATALOG goes Vintage | Berlin, Germany.
2012: Solo exhibition “AC11” during the Browse Photofestival 2012.
2012: Group exhibition “24 | 12 | one – Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition” at the Direktorenhaus Berlin, Germany.
2011: Solo exhibition “Chess Boxing: London vs. Berlin” at Spieß & Schumacher Berlin in cooperation with the Chess Boxing Club Berlin, Germany.