Personal Work | TINAMF-TIAMF Fritzie & Lilli.


TINAMF – TIAMF. is a fashion sequence about street fashion and life. Always staged but highly inspired by classic street photography it portraits the models in their personal clothing and life situations.

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Models: Fritzie and Lilli

Fritzie and Lilli waiting for the nightbus on a monday morning outside the Übel & Gefährlich in Hamburg.

Their parents met when they were just a couple of weeks old beeing street neighbours in Hamburg, St. Pauli. It was love at first sight and they quickly became best friends ever. At the age of six both families moved – one west, the other one east. An hour apart by car.
Having spend almost every day of their young lives together it was a sudden challenge for the kids to not loose touch. New hoods, friends and school life defined their new daily routines. Letters, long phone calls and talking their parents into taxiing kept them connected.

Two very different characters with total diverse tastes in style, music, boys, friends and culture. But when they meet up a new dimension seems to pop – a universe centering about their friendship.

Today they are 21 years old, busy students and just in the process of climbing the next big steps in live. Not side by side but still together.

Fritzie (left)
Scarf: Madona
Blazer: H&M
Top: New Yorker
Skrit: C&A | Currently one of my favorite pieces.
Purse: Aligator
Stockings: H&M kids
Shoes: Cassandra
Nailpolish: Kiko
Cell case: 2nd Hand.

Lilli (right)
Jacket: Zara |  present from my boyfriend
T-Shirt: Forever new | From my Turkey holidays
Trousers: Noname | as well from Turkey
Shoes: Blinki

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