Personal Work | … every day until it’s done.

“15APR-14SEP 2011 – every day until it’s done” – Nina has always been fascinated by observation and fastidious documentation, so she decided to make herself the subject of a case study to coincide with the filing for divorce. The aim was to take a photo of herself everyday from receipt of the application. The start date was April 15th 2011.

The rules: one photo every day – no matter where, no matter when. At midday at home, or at midnight after clubbing. No vanity. No lies. Pure one-shot solutions with no digital post-manipulation. Just the camera, the light and Nina. Close-up and personal, with nowhere to hide.

Initially the gaze hardly dared to meet the rudely exposing lens. But gradually, feeling and actually showing emotions became an almost cathartic routine.

The result is a diverse case study of the wonderfully surprising individual that is Nina. Every day a documentation of her skin, her eyes, her hair, the smallest movements around her mouth. Soothing voyeurism of her own accord. Sometimes, it is the finest nuances that characterize an image, while others clearly portray an inside struggle bursting through to the outside world.

The case study “15APR-14SEP 2011 – every day until it’s done” showcases 65 photos from over 150 days.

Most photographs were shot ad lib and a only a few were staged. They are pure, unmistakable portraits of Nina’s face. They show her identity on a journey through the emotional catch-22 process that is “it’s over”, “today’s a good day” and “it’s never going to end”.