Making of | The sherry drop | AC11

I have been asked numerous times how I captured the drop of the sherry so sharply in it’s motion – or if it’s been painted in the post-production.

I am a big fan of one-shot-solutions and rather spend more time preparing the shot instead of long hours in front of the computer. Of course it took a bit of trying out to get a feel for the sherry, how it would drop and which would be the perfect hight. The pipette gave me great control.

Technical set up: ISO 50, 1/125 sec. at 5.6. That gives the photo partial detail and sharpness but allows freedom for motion.

Releasing the mounted camera with a cable release allowed me to fully concentrate on the drop after installing the light and getting the temperature right. Connecting the camera to the computer saved me time to check back and forth if I got my drop-shot or not.

On the left side you can see the test shot of this motive, on the right side the finished one-shot-photo.


Here you can see the entire series: Personal work | AC11
Selected motives of this series were shown during the Browse Photo Festival 2012.
15×22,5cm | Edition 5 | optional: ragtime museum passepartout | handmade wood frame 30x40cm.

If you are interessted in a viewing, more info on the available pieces or purchasing please contact me.


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