Bicycle Tour Planing | Route Mapping.

The mapping for my summer bike trip is done: Berlin – Valencia. 3000km across Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain. I used MapOut and can highly recommend it. It lists the local, national and international bike tracks and lets me draw along them to sketch my route. Happily spent money.

Very excited about this trip. It’s the first time I will actually start at home. I will not travel anywhere by train to start from there, but just carry my bike downstairs, get on the saddle and take off. Just like every day, but this time no coming home for a while. Also, it’s the first time I will cycle through Germany. Looking forward to finding out more about the country I’ve been born and spent most of my life in.

I’m not sure yet which path to take in Switzerland. I’m keen on a take on the Jura mountains and will decide once I’m in Basel if I’m up for 300km mountain ranges or opt for the 50km longer but much flatter route along the Aare. The plan is, to get to Geneva within 14 days to meet up with a friend, and to reach Valencia another 15 days later. I managed to reduce the packing weight and to fit everything into a 22 liter stuff-sack for the rack plus a small camera bag on my handlebar – I cannot go without my beloved SLR and some 35mm strips. The Harz, Elsass, Alps and Pyrenees will challenge me with over 18.000 meters to climb. I love heights and mountains, and I’m hoping the reduced weight will help me love climbing them even more.