Daytripping | documenta (13)

I went on a day trip to Kassel for the documenta 13.
Of course one day is far too less to even get an overview, but that’s part of the concept this year anyway. And I like this concept. There is no need to always see everything.

I marked two artists I wanted to see for sure. Other than that I floated and was happy with what I discovered.

Tino Sehgals work really impressed me. I am usually not very much into performance art, but this one really got to me. I stayed for over half an hour and than had to run to catch my train. It’s a bit difficult to find (that’s part of the act) but absolutely worth it.

The other work I really wanted to see was „Carmageddon“ by Thomas Bayrle. I have always enjoyed clear, graphical elements and repetition in large scale art works and this one is a hell of a huge piece of work. He is exhibiting in the basement of the Documenta Hall and Bayrle’s four very different pieces (Carmageddon, Airplane, the ‘praying’ mashines and two short films) are wonderful to look at as single objects. The beauty for me though is the joint piece they all make together.

As for the floating part here are my top joys and discoveries:

South wing train station:
Bani Abidi‘s video installation on a fictive statue somewhere in asia.

Rotunda: Tiny, little Bactrian princesses | Tamás St.Turba, Radio brickstones | Lee Miller, Germany 1945
1st floor: Korbinian Aigner, Apple study.
2nd floor: Goshka Macuga, carpet.

Docmenta Hall:
Julia Mehretu, Mogamma
Due to time issues I missed Nalini Malani “In Search of Vanished Blood”. Damn.

Theaster Gates “12 Ballads”
It’s pretty, old and run down. It fits perfectly into these times and the current spirit of new ideas and models of living together in a gentrified world.
I like that it’s a working construct and changing everyday. I also like the idea of bringing scrap from torn down houses in Chicago to fix up a house that’s about to fall into pieces in Kassel. It’s seems like a social meeting point and visitors have the chance to talk and interact with the crew. It’s fantastic.

Being raised in a communal apartment the ideas and concept doesn’t feel new to me though. But that’s not what the “12 Ballads” is about, it’s about doing it. And I wonder what will happen after the 100 days. I’d love for it to be a lasting project.

Neue Galerie:
Khadim AliAndrea Büttner
Susan Hiller “Thoughts are free”

I didn’t bring back any photos. Whoever is interested and has the chance should really just go to Kassel and discover for themselves. Even if it’s only for a day.