Künstler gegen AIDS Gala | “Ein Tag”. – Video

For this year’s Künstler gegen AIDS Gala I was asked to produce a documentary showing an AIDS patient in his daily routine.

He was HIV positiv for five years before he got sick and almost died. He took the fight, won the battle and is back on track by now. He is married, works, ice skates, eats breakfast, rides the bus and does everything else we do and he did before he got diagnosed.

The gala was dedicated to the recently deceased Dirk Bach and held at the Theater des Westens in Berlin. Actress Maren Kroymann led through the evening, welcoming guest stars such as MIA, Sascha GrammelRalf Morgenstern, Annabelle Mandeng, Peter Heppner, MÍSIA, Karat, Robert Kreis, Gitte Haenning, Dana International, Power! Percussion and the Cesear Twins as well as the patrons Judy Winter and Berlins first major Klaus Wowereit. Director of the show was Julian Kampnagel, assistant director Thimo Pommerening.

Simonetta Ginella underlined the work “Ein Tag” beautifully live with the harp. Hannes Richter teamed up with me for the edit.

Client: berlin-aidshilfe.de | kuenstlergegenaids.de
Production: ivent-concept.de
Press: wolf-anke.de