Personal Work

A selection of non-commercial photo projects. To see an entire series, click on the corresponding post.

  • Photo story | The art of survival.
    I accompanied Susanne throughout her chemo therapy for over one year. These images are from a planned shoot where we aimed to portrait her transition due to the chemo as well as her strength.
  • Personal Work | Shapes.
    SHAPES Valencia | Spain | 2011. In 2011 NINA ZIMMERMANN came to work in Valencia right after a divorce and the loss of her personal hometown. Having seen her future slip twice within a short period of time and questioning the tracks and traces she so far carved in her life story she came to … Continue readingPersonal Work | Shapes.
  • Personal Work | AC12 – completed.
    Die Stadttanne | Freie Arbeit zur Adventszeit 2012 Inspiriert von Rainer Maria Rilke Du wacher Wald, inmitten wehen Wintern hast du ein Frühlingsfühlen dir erkühnt, und leise lässest du dein Silber sintern, damit ich seh, wie deine Sehnsucht grünt. Und wie mich weiter deine Wege führen, erkenn ich kein Wohin und kein Woher und weiß: … Continue readingPersonal Work | AC12 – completed.
  • Personal Work | AC11
    Advent calendar 2011 – A free work about food. Personal stills and interpretations. Food poraits. A complete three course christmas dinner originally posted as an advent calendar on 15×22,5cm | Edition 5 | optional: ragtime museum passepartout | handmade wood frame 30x40cm. Selected framed and signed prints are available. Contact. Exhibitions:2012: Solo exhibition “AC11″ during … Continue readingPersonal Work | AC11
  • Personal Work | The food and the bottle.
    The food and the bottle. – A longterm project of collecting recipes from all over the world by sending out messages in bottles. Short description: “My name is Nina and I’m from Hamburg in Germany. Two of my biggest passions are photography and cooking. In 2012 I started distributing messages in bottles wherever there was … Continue readingPersonal Work | The food and the bottle.
  • Personal Work | The diver.
    “The diver” | 2012. Floating … Diving or surfacing? Surfacing and diving? Diving. Surfacing. Diving. Are you here right now? Come dive with me! Model: Javier Chapa Agency: Nora | Carmen Duran Producer: Daniela Meister | Farolito Hair | Make Up | Styling: Jessica Gallardo Lopez Assistance: Sandra Brunnengräber | Diego All images © NINAZIMMERMANN.COM. Stealing images is a … Continue readingPersonal Work | The diver.
  • 24 | 12 | one – Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition
    24 | 12 | one – Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition. Showcasing work of 12 artists from over two years of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School Berlin. Showcases:2012: Group exhibition “24 | 12 | one – Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition” at the Direktorenhaus Berlin. 2012/2013: Group exhibition “Dr. Sketchy’s – Exhibition” with NINA ZIMMERMANN at KATALOG goes Vintage | … Continue reading24 | 12 | one – Dr. Sketchy’s Exhibition
  • Personal Work | … every day until it’s done.
    “15APR-14SEP 2011 – every day until it’s done” – Nina has always been fascinated by observation and fastidious documentation, so she decided to make herself the subject of a case study to coincide with the filing for divorce. The aim was to take a photo of herself everyday from receipt of the application. The start … Continue readingPersonal Work | … every day until it’s done.