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SHAPES Valencia | Spain | 2011.

In 2011 NINA ZIMMERMANN came to work in Valencia right after a divorce and the loss of her personal hometown. Having seen her future slip twice within a short period of time and questioning the tracks and traces she so far carved in her life story she came to salut, say good bye, look for new directions, aim and re-focus.

SHAPES Valencia draws an approach of mastering overhelming chaos by honesty and concentrated focusing. Breaking down, selecting and examing only little fragments of the current state of mind. Studying the light of life gradually and with patience. Carefully putting the pieces together, gaining an overview and closing up to the desired future tracks.

NINA ZIMMERMANN chose the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias as the screen for her projections. For it’s white bleakness, diverse structures and symbolism. Over a period of three weeks she studied the sun circle and waited for the shades to snap into her framing and complete the compositions.

Interpretations of the [V] – I. letter, II. number, III. victory, IV. peace, friend, V. to see, VI. to look, VII. vagina, VIII. I am watching you,
IX. iron sights, X. air quotes, XI. flicking the V

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