Valencia to Berlin by Bike | Week 3

This week started with another rest day with Lotta, Diego and the kids. We went to climb the Chateau Puilaurens and drove around a bit.

Tuesday morning I set off direction north-east. The wind was my friend the first bit and sped me up to more than 73 km/h, which is a new personal best concerning speed. Than my direction changed north and the wind was against me. It was the beginning of cycling four days against the Mistral wind. The quiet inland roads and charming villages and Boulanger ids made up for it a bit, but to be honest, those were really tough headwind days.

In Roujan I stayed with a German Warmshowers host. It was the first time I used the network for accommodation and I had a super good experience. Friendly host, private room and bath and WiFi.

I stoped over Nîmes to have lunch with my girlfriends mom. I had never met her and was a bit nervous. Especially because I only had my smelly and dirty riding dress. I bummed some hair product from the camping ground neighbour in Sommières in an attempt to tame my hair, that was about all I could do. And it was all nice. We had a fabulous lunch with good food at La Baie d’halong Denim. It was a hot and stuffy day and not long after lunch I continued to Pernes-les-Fontaines where my next Warmshower hosts were waiting with a cold Schweppes and a dinner at friends house. The dinner was with a couple of other cyclists and I got lots of route recommendations for the next day. Also, the host has a house in Séderon which is 70 km up the mountains and was on my route. She arranged that I could stay with there the next day, together with her 20 year old daughter and some friends of hers. Still with Mistral against me and uphill I arrived later than planned in Séderon. But I also had taken a long break in Sault to reconsider my routing for the cross over to Italy. Originally I wanted to take the road via Briançon down to Turin but it looked pretty traffic busy and with a long holiday weekend in France and Italy it was even crazier on the roads. I decided to go via Barcelonnette and Cuneo instead. The ride from Pernes-les-Fontaines all the way to Barcelonnette was beautiful and pretty calm. Of course, when on the road with cars there was heavy traffic but on the side roads and bike lanes it was very peaceful. I camped in Le Lauzet-Ubaye next to a lake and the next day, Sunday, I climbed up to the col de Larche to cross into Italy. 16 km before the col a bicycles-forbidden-street sign. What a shock. I really didn’t want to go back and delay the tour by a couple of days. I checked back with some people at the parking just before and they suggested to just go. Some had taken it many times by bike and said it’s all good. And so it was. All good and some other cyclists on the road as well. The col is pretty, the landscape amazing and the views breathtaking as well as the descent into Cuneo. Such pretty villages and mountains.

Still having photo upload trouble. Will do as soon as I can. As well as update the riding statistics.